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There are two options to move forward on your project with OZG Systems. The Design & Development method is the first option.

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The second option is to book professional engineering consultations for your project or ideas.

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About Oren

Dr. Oren Gall founded OZG Systems Engineering LLC in 2018 to serve the interests of independent inventors, defense, education, and other industries with affordable engineering solutions. Let us provide the technical expertise and services required to complete your projects and help you deliver.

Oren is also Assistant Research Professor at Penn State, University Park, PA and a licensed Professional Engineer (PE). Dr. Gall is experienced in electronics, circuit design, and processing, and has worked in areas related to health and public interest, including energy metering, implantable medical devices, and gas sensing.

Clients Served

Professional Publications Inc.
Penn State Materials Research Institute
PRG Prototyping Inc.

"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a great job. I'm glad we decided to work with you on projects as we never have any problem!"

Haley Longan

Project Manager, PRG Prototyping

“Dr. Gall showed impressive ingenuity and dedication on each and every one of his projects. His performance on these projects was superb, far exceeding our expectations.”

Dr. John Howard President

Electromagnetic Technologies Industries

“What distinguishes Dr. Gall from others with similar qualities is his ability to explain and communicate complex ideas to others in different fields.”

Kristen Dryer

Penn State Center for Nanoscale Science

Our Services

Circuit Design

Do you have a concept for an electronic prototype but not sure where to start? Let us design and implement your prototype.

& Flexibility

We will work with a wide variety of concepts. We are easily accessible and will try hard to accommodate your unique ideas. Let us know what you would like to implement!

& Instruction

Offering instruction and consultation in fundamentals of electronics, analog/digital design, and FE and PE exam review.


All engineering work is reviewed and by a licensed professional engineer (PE).